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Sold 2010 Dazzeling Wright

Stormy is one of those solid horses that has been there done that. He started out as a 4-H WP project while doing ranch work where needed.  The next step in his career was team penning and sorting. After a break he was used primarily by our daughters for 4-H, trail rides and night time riding. He is a fantastic horse for what ever you want to do.

SOLD – Congrats Kathy on your purchase of Stormy. He’ll make one heck of a trail horse for you.

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Sold 2011 Mr.'s Wild Rose (Name pending)

Pic of Rosie taken May 5 – boy has she grown. She is quite smart and one of the easiest babies we have ever imprinted on – remembers everything.

Rosie has been sold and will go to her new owners in May/June

Congrats to Ann and her family.  Hope she turns into one heck of a barrel racer!

Here are some new pics of Rosie now a month old.

Rosie was born on February 16, 2011. She is colored like her mother. Rosie is very sweet and friendly. Should be frame over with a sabino gene like her mother.  Jetsmoothscotch Mr x Luckys Wild Rose

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SOLD 2011 Unnamed Flashy Sorrel/Overo/Sabino colt

aka Zahzoo is an August 2011 sabino colt, with possible overo gene (not tested yet).  He is very laid back, a momma’s boy. Very level headed. Has the making of a great performance horse with that attitude.  He is quick to learn.  Mr’s offspring are proving to be very versatile for use in any discipline you want to go into. He is well defined, nice hip and soft eyes.  We anticipate he will be close to 15h

Jetsmoothscotch Mr x Shebe Real Chick.  Another first-time cross.


Package him with a big red bow and give him as a Christmas present


Congrats to James and Jo and the grandkids on your purchase of Zahzoo.  He’ll make a great addition to your herd and one heck of a 4H project for the grandkids.

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SOLD 2011 Unnamed Sorrel/Overo Colt

aka Cutter was born August 13, 2011 to a first time Two Eyed Jack mare. He is quite the boy. Very confident, independent and has moves like no other. This wonderful boy will make a great gaming horse as he is quite agile and can hunker down.  We think he may be a red dun as his dam has red dun in her pedigree (or dun gene carrier). Haven’t tested him yet.

Regular registry – breeder’s certificate

Jetsmoothscotch Mr x Watch Charisma Joe.  Exceptional breeding. Very pleased with this first-time cross.

Will make a great Christmas present.


Thanks to James and Jo – the kids will enjoy – great 4H projects to learn with

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SOLD Luckys Wild Rose - 1995

We have owned Scooter from day one. She has been a staple in our household and has taught all my kids how to ride.  She is a beautiful stock type mare that puts very well balanced and solid-built babies on the ground. Their temperament is the best you’ll find. Her babies are the easiest to work with. They are calm and always accepting of new things and training. Wished we had a few more clones of her.

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Scooter’s potential owner turned out to not be the righ person which presented the best opportunity for her now new owners. Super congrats to you and the little ones. She is currently enjoying a big pasture with 3 other mares now that her colt, Jager, has been weaned.  Hope you enjoy many years of trailriding or just down the road.  She will be a blast in the 4H classes too.  :) Hope the little ones have as much fun on her as my kids did and Ron’s granddaughter did.

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